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About the Open Presentation Button

The Open Presentation Button enables presenters to seamlessly move from one presentation to another without having to go back and forth to the Library.  A company can now create smaller presentations that can be composed into a larger presentation. This allows your sales force to present in a “choose your own adventure” manner, or show bespoke content based on a region or product offering.

Is the Open Presentation Button right for your company?

  • Do you find yourself making duplicates of your presentations and then changing small bits of content between each one?
  • Do you want to enable your salespeople to customize a presentation with their specific information?
  • Are you a manufacturer who wants to ensure that your dealers always have the most accurate and up to date presentation?
  • Do you have multiple branches across multiple regions and need specific content tailored to each region?
  • Do you offer multiple services that aren’t always sold as a single package?
  • Are you an independent xyz and represent multiple manufacturers who offer Ingage presentations?
  • Do you copy pages from a different presentation only to find that those pages have changed since you copied them?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then read on to find specific help for your use case.


Choose Your Own Adventure

We’ve found that many companies and manufacturers offer many different kinds of products and services. Often when a salesperson is on a sales call, they know through initial conversations (pre-qualification) that the prospective client is only interested in certain products or services.  For example if a company offers roofs, windows and decks but the prospective client is only interested in new windows and a deck if a single large presentation is created covering all three services, the salesperson has to swipe through many irrelevant pages that they know the customer has little interest in.  

With the Open Presentation Button, you can now create separate presentations for each of Roofs, Windows and Decks.  In your main presentation you can create a page with three Open Presentation Buttons that will open the relevant presentation.  Now the salesperson can “choose their own adventure” based on their customer’s needs! 


Content Permissions

Specific Presentations

When using the Open Presentation Button to link to a specific presentation on a specific team, you will need to ensure that all of your users have at least “viewer” permissions on the specific team where the presentation exists.  If your user does not have access to the specific presentation, they can still view the main presentation but when they tap on the Open Presentation Button they will receive an error message indicating that they do not have access to the presentation and that they need to contact their Teams Administrator for access.


Use Cases