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Using Open Presentation as a Dealer of a Manufacturer

I'm a dealer of a manufacturer

As a dealer for a manufacturer you’re given access to your manufacturer’s presentation(s).  Sometimes this is one presentation or it could be multiple presentations for each product or service they offer.  But as a dealer you want a presentation that specifically talks about your company and services.  Using an Open Presentation Button, your salespeople can seamlessly move from your company’s content to your manufacturer’s content by providing a launching off point into your manufacturers’ products and/or services.

  1. Create your presentation that showcases your company, services and products
  2. Create a page that will serve as a launching point into your manufacturer’s presentation.    On that page add an Open Presentation Button
  3. When the setup screen appears for the button, select the “Presentation” option at the top of the setup screen
  4. In the sidebar on Desktop or on the first setup screen on iOS, choose the team where your manufacturer’s presentation exists. This may be the same "team" for your dealer.
  5. Your manufacturer’s presentation will show up in the Presentation list.  Select it and click “Done”
  6. That’s all!  Now when you present your presentation and navigate to the page where your Open Presentation button is located, you can tap on it and open your manufacturer’s presentation!