Open Presentation Button

Using Open Presentation as a Manufacturer

I'm a manufacturer...

Our new Open Presentation Button is a perfect way for your dealer network to show your presentation from within their own Ingage teams.  Give your dealer access to your presentation(s) and by using the Open Presentation Button they can create their own bespoke presentation that directly links into your presentation.  It gives your dealers the ability to highlight their own services while having access to present your presentation in a seamless, fluid manner.  By having your dealers access your presentation from an Open Presentation Button, you no longer need to clone your presentation into their teams.  When you clone the presentation into a dealers’ team, you lose the ability to update the presentation any time you want.  With the Open Presentation Button, your dealer will always be presenting your most recent and up to date content.  


Manufacturer Scenarios:

  • I just want to share my presentation with a dealer - Open Presentation Button not necessarily needed if there is only one Presentation.
  • I want to share my presentation with a dealer and also provide them with a starter presentation that they can edit.  This starter presentation will have a page with an Open Presentation Button that links to the manufacturer’s content (one or more)
    1. Ensure your dealer has been added to your company in the applicable team. Add/share your manufacturer Presentation to the team. Set the permissions so that this presentation is not editable.
    2. Create a starter presentation.  This could be a presentation that you’d like all your dealers to use.  You’ll be copying (duplicating) this to your Dealer’s company so they’ll be able to edit any page in this presentation.
    3. Create at least one page in the presentation that contains an Open Presentation Button
    4. Configure the Open Presentation
    5. Tap on “Presentation” in the configuration dialog’s header if it’s not already selected
    6. Select your manufacturer presentation and click done
    7. Test the presentation by presenting it. Navigate to the page where you added the Open Presentation Button. Tap or click on the button. Observe that your manufacturer presentation opens
You can add more than one Open Presentation Button if you have multiple manufacturer presentations that you’d like your dealer to present.  This allows a dealer’s salesperson to present in a “choose your own adventure” manner while visiting a prospective client/customer.