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Launch App Button

Open an app from Ingage

With our Launch App button, you can now launch into another app from an Ingage Presentation. Like all buttons, Launch App can be either button, point of interest, or Hotspot.

To use a Launch App button, you will need to know the URL Scheme for the app you would like to launch. This varies from app to app. You may need to reach out to the developer of the app you'd like to launch to get the correct URL Scheme.

Adding a Launch App Button

In a Freestyle Page, look for the Launch App option in either the Buttons, Points of Interest, or Hotspot menu.

In a Template Page, the Launch App option is available in the buttons menu.

Enter the URL for the app in the URL field.


You can use the Launch App button to launch the YouTube app.

You can even deep link further into an app. For example, the you can link directly to the Gallery view of the iPad Shortcuts app.

Using the Launch App button in a Presentation

When presenting an Ingage Presentation, you can tap on a Launch App button to open another app. The first time you do this on your device, you may see an alert asking you to allow Ingage to launch another app.