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Frequently asked questions

Downloading & Getting Started
Presentation Creation
Using Samples/Templates
Editing Presentation(s) 
Presenting Presentation(s)
Setting Up Users & Teams 
General Help

Downloading & Getting Started 

  1. Who does my invite email come from that allows me to download Ingage and set-up my user login?
    • It comes from “confirmation@ingage.io” 
    • If you do not see it at first, check your spam or junk folder 
  2. What is my username?
    • Your username is your email address.
  3. Can I share a login?
    • No - it is not supported. Each user should have their own login, as it results in performance issues when sharing. Shared logins will get logged out. 
  4. What are the password requirements when setting up my user credentials?
    • It needs to be at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and a number for example: Ingage2021
  5. If I only can access Ingage through the app store currently, but would like to transition over to a full Ingage license with the ability to access Ingage through desktop, who should I go to?

Presentation Creation

  1. Do you have anyone that can build out the presentation for me? 
    • Yes - we have design partners 
    • Reach out to your account manager or support@ingage.io for more information
  2. Can I add an image or another text block to a templated page, such as the “grid” page?
    • The templated structured pages do not have functionality to add more feature blocks. If you’d like more customization you’ll want to build the page using the “freestyle” page type. 
  3. Where can I go to learn more on building a presentation? 

Using Samples/Templates 

  1. Can you share another account’s presentation with me?
    • In order to share content from another account, we need an email confirmation from an admin on their team confirming permission to share.
  2. How can I use one of the sample presentations provided to my account without messing up the original?
    • Make a duplicate copy of the presentation by clicking onto the 3 dot menu in the lower right corner and select “copy.” 
  3. Where can I find more information on using a sample presentation?

Editing Presentation(s)

  1. If you lock pages, then duplicate the presentation, do the locked pages stay locked in the duplicated version? 
    • Yes - they stay locked 
  2. When I share a presentation to another team on my account, will the changes I make it one sync to the other?
    • Yes, changes automatically sync. If you do not want the changes shared, you will want to copy the initial presentation by selecting to “duplicate” it and can easily rename the title in order to keep it separated and organized from the original template.

Presenting Presentation(s)

  1. Will my presentation work if I don’t have WiFi or data?
    • Yes. Download the presentation content ahead of time and you can present the content without WiFi. However, HTML pages that link out to websites and/or web link buttons will not display without an internet connection. 
  2. Do remote clickers work with an Ingage presentation? 
    • USB remote clicker: should work if the clicker emulates the forward and backward buttons on the keyboard. By default, it may come mapped to page up & down because that is the PPT default. If you have buttons on the page, you may not be able to access them with the remote clicker.
    1. Can you print a copy of the presentation out?
      • On iPad, you can save as a PDF 
    2. Does the presentation have a URL that can be shared via web?
      • Yes. An Admin or Creator on your account can generate a URL by clicking into edit the presentation from the app and selecting the box to the right-hand side of the storyboard that says “share weblink.” Then, click into the share icon in the upper-right corner to copy/share the URL 

    Setting Up Users & Teams 

    1. What user role should I give my reps that I just want to present content? I do not want them to make edits to the content. 
      • Set them up as a “Viewer” in the company and team where the Presentation lives.
      • If you are a Guest Admin, set them up as a “Guest Viewer”
    2. Can a user be a part of more than one team?
      • Yes- you can add them to as many teams as you’d like
    3. Can a user be a part of more than one company?
      • Yes - an individual can have a username within multiple Ingage accounts. While in the Ingage app, he or she can switch between the different companies on the left-hand side 
    4. Why can’t I access my presentation content from the Teams portal?
      • The presentation section within the Teams Admin portal is intended to select high level settings for the presentation(s). To access the content and make edits, go into the Ingage app (iPad, Windows, Mac) directly. 
    5. Can I delete a user from a Team or Company?
      • Yes. Company Admins can delete a user from an entire company.
      • Yes. Guest Admins can remove a user from a Team that they are a guest admin of.
    6. When I remove a user, is the presentation deleted from their device?
      • Yes. Removed users will no longer have access to the presentations on Teams that they were removed from. The teams (or entire companies) they were removed from will no longer appear in the app.
    7. I accidentally added a user as a regular user instead of a “Guest”. 
      • Please contact support@ingage.io with the user’s email and we can convert that for you.


    1. Can I still capture analytics and track usage if my presenters present without wifi?
      • Yes, Ingage will store the data for 5 days, so just have the presenter(s) get back into connection and open the Ingage app within 5 days and it will all still push to the analytics component.
    2. If I am sharing the URL via web, is there a way to see who has clicked onto the presentation and how long they have spent viewing it? 
      • Yes, you can set up a Campaign ID in order to view which individuals are clicking into your presentations’ URLs and how long they are spending. To learn how to set-up a Campaign ID, click into the following link: Campaign IDs

    General Help

    1. I’m running into issues with using Ingage. What should I do?
    2. What should I do if I still have an issue with my app?
      • Which app? iPad, Mac, Windows
      • Which presentation, including what team the presentation is in.
      • For escalations, contact our technical support team at: support@ingage.io. Please include as much information as possible including: