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How to Use a Freestyle Page (Desktop)

The Freestyle page lets you design your own page layouts. Use text, images, videos, shapes, galleries and interactive objects like Buttons, Hotspots, Compares, and Scrollmotions to create pages with custom layered designs.

September 16, 2020
Windows & Mac, Desktop 2.0 or later,
Add objects to your page by tapping the + button in the top navigation bar.
Use guides align and position objects. When moving and object you’ll see a label with its x,y location. When scaling an object you’ll see its height and width.

Guides appear for:

  • Page Edges
  • Page Center -  Horizontal and Vertical
  • Page Margins
  • Nav Bar Safe Area
  • Align to other objects, center, edge, inside margins

Text can be freely styled inline. Set the font, size, weight and color. Set the vertical alignment to be top, center or bottom aligned. Apply character, line and paragraph spacing to an entire text object.

Select a paragraph to create bullets and lists. You can also select individual words to make them superscript, subscript, underlined or strikethrough.

Use a color, image or gradient as a page background. Pinned objects can be edited but cannot be moved

Add rectangles, circles and ovals to your page. Choose from a solid, gradient or blurred fill. You can also control its opacity, add a border and a shadow.

Pinned objects cannot be moved, but can still be edited.

Use Arrange to set the z-index of your object and quickly move objects to the front or back.