Ingage Administration

Presentation Permissions

As a Company Admin, you can add additional levels of control to your content.


Editable - If enabled, user roles that can edit a Presentation are able to open the Presentation for editing. If disabled, no user can edit this Presentation. Default setting is enabled.

Guest Editable - Only appears if you have Guest Teams enabled for your company’s account. If enabled, a Guest Admin with upgraded privileges can edit this Presentation. If disabled but the Guest Admin has upgraded edit privileges, the Guest Admin cannot edit this Presentation. Default setting is disabled.

Duplicatable - If enabled, Team Creators and Team Admins can duplicate this Presentation. If disabled, the Presentation cannot be duplicated. Default setting is enabled.

Internally Shareable - If enabled, this Presentation can be shared to multiple Teams within the Company by Team Admins, Team Creators, or Company Admins. Note, the Team Admin or Team Creator would also need to be either of those roles on the Team they're sharing to. If disabled, this Presentation cannot be shared to other Teams. Default setting is enabled.

Publicly Shareable - If enabled, a Team Admin or Company Admin has the ability to enable or disable the Web Link for this Presentation. If disabled, the option to share a web link to the Presentation does not appear. Default setting is enabled.