Tips for Presenting Ingage Over the Internet
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Tips for Presenting Ingage Over the Internet

Have you transitioned to Virtual Selling? Here are some additional tips for the software you may be using.

Video Conferencing Software (like Zoom, WebEx)

Screen Sharing:

  • Turn off notifications for your device if your software allows it. Email, calendar, message notifications may cause embarrassing moments when sharing your screen.
  • Check to see if your video conferencing software allows you to mute notifications when you share your screen or remember to disable notifications altogether.
  • If you notice lag while Presenting, try turning off your webcam while sharing your screen to present to help save bandwidth to ensure your device’s resources are focused on your Presentation as much as possible. (But - don’t forget to turn your camera back on as soon as you stop sharing your screen!)


  • Be on the strongest network connection possible.
    • If feasible, connect directly to your router with an ethernet cable connection. There are even ethernet adapters for iPad available. 
    • When connected to Wi-Fi, be as close to your wireless router as possible and try to reduce the number of walls between your device and your wireless router. 
    • Some Wi-Fi routers allow you to prioritize bandwidth for certain devices so check the manual for your Wi-Fi router.
  • For Zoom, if Presenting on an iPad and you have a Mac computer, use a wired connection from your iPad to the Mac to share the iPad screen.
  • Some video conferencing software may require the installation of additional drivers for additional features. For example, if using video content with audio, WebEx requires the installation of additional audio drivers.
  • If you’re working from home, ask that other members of your household refrain from streaming video or online games while you are presenting. 


Building Presentations for Virtual Selling

Presenting from home? Your upload speeds may not be as fast as when you are at your office. Here are some additional tips for optimizing your Ingage Presentations for a virtual/online audience.

Before your customer meeting, test your Presentation with a remote colleague to see if any modifications are needed with the media you’ve planned to use for your Presentation.

  • Mute the audio for a video in your Presentation if the audio isn’t required. 
  • Minimize the use of video content, especially as backgrounds in Cover and Impact pages. Try shorter or smaller videos or swap out your video for a static image.
  • Most video conference screen sharing apps will limit the frame rate to less than 15 frames per second.  When showing a Scrollmotion, you may want to drag your finger slower than if you were presenting the content in person. If you are presenting 100% virtually, you may want to update Scrollmotion Pages to Video Pages.