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Ingage Desktop (Windows) - Organize and Access Files to use in Ingage

Using Ingage Desktop on a Windows PC

File organization and access on Windows

  • Open the File Browser from the taskbar or Windows menu. Make sure your files are organized and in a place that can be easily navigated to.
  • Create a new folder with the project name.  We recommend organizing assets by file type or presentation page/section. Keep this folder open in its own window.

Adding images from Windows to Ingage
  • Easily drag and drop images from the File Browser to a page in Ingage
  • Click and select your image to bring up scale, and rotation controls. Click and drag your image to your desired spot

  • Add an asset to a Gallery page by clicking the Add Images button. Navigate back to your assets folder.

  • File, Edit, View, Window, and Help menus can be found in the upper left of the Ingage Presentations window.