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How to set up your Hatch Speed to Lead Campaign

Set up your Hatch Speed to Lead Campaign

The Hatch Speed to Lead campaign sends messages to maximize your lead investment through automated outreach and follow-up. Get more responses, set more appointments, and close more deals. Hatch’s customers have seen their appointment set rate increase by at least 10%.

Ingage can help increase engagement by providing a media rich experience for leads to interact with each day.

Use the Hatch Speed to Lead Quick Start in the Ingage Marketplace to create and customize four mobile optimized presentations that you’ll share via text message using Hatch.

Ingage will send you an email with web links to each presentation that you can copy and paste into the automated Hatch text messages. You can also copy links for these presentations from inside your Ingage library.


When editing your Hatch Speed to lead campaign, just add the Ingage web link to the end of the message.

If you want to track user activity in Ingage Analytics you can add an analytics tag to the end of the web link. You can use tokens for the users frist name and last name to automatically customize the web link for each message that Hatch sends.[[Contact First Name]]-[[Contact Last Name]]


To learn more about Hatch visit or contact the Hatch support team at (804) 348-0577