Guest Users

Adding a Guest Admin

Delegate adding and managing users for teams by assigning a Guest Admin to a specified team.

Guest Teams is a Company account-level feature. Please contact your Ingage Sales Representative for more information.

Guest Admins have permission to add or remove other Guest Users to their team.

1. As an Admin for your company, login to Ingage Teams with your Admin account.

2. Create a Team that you'll want to give Guest Access to - or you can update an existing one. 

3. Go to Users and click on the Manage Users dropdown.

4. Click on Add User.

5. Check the box for Guest User.

6. Add the user as a Guest Admin to your Company.

7. Then add that user to the Team you want them to have admin access to. Note: You can also do this directly in the Team.


If the Guest Admin is a New User, they'll receive an email to set up their user name and password.

About Guest Users

A Guest Admin can add/remove users to any Team that they're  a Guest Admin for. They can also view Presentations in that team.

A Guest Viewer can view Presentations for any Team that they've been added to.