Can't install Ingage Desktop on Windows

Troubleshooting Installation

What version version of Windows does your PC use?

For Ingage Desktop app compatibility, please see: Ingage App compatibility.

Are you in Windows 10 S Mode?

Ingage Desktop cannot be installed on Windows 10 in S Mode. Follow these instructions from Microsoft on how to switch out of S Mode.

What processor does your Windows PC use?

Ingage Desktop is compatible with Intel/AMD-based x86 processors. It is not compatible with ARM-based processors, such as the one found in the Surface Pro X. 

Do you have permission to install applications?

If your Windows PC is being managed by your company, installation of applications may be blocked by your IT department. Please contact your IT department for assistance.

Did you properly extract the installation file?

Double-clicking the ZIP file may just view the contents of the ZIP file. You may need to properly extract the installation file from the ZIP archive file. Right-click the ZIP file and choose the Extract option.