I sent an Ingage Presentation web link in a text message but they can't click on the link

For Safety and Security reasons, links sent via text message might not be clickable in the message app

You may receive feedback from your customer that a web link you send them as a text message isn't clickable. 

Message apps can handle links in different ways. In order to protect users, some messaging platforms can choose to not make links clickable/tappable for recipients if the sender is not in the recipient's contact list.

This is a safety and security issue with the messaging platform and not an issue with the Ingage platform.

We recommend:
  • If you have both a customer email address and phone number, sending the link to both the email address and phone number.
  • Encourage your customers to add you to their contact list so they don't miss any project messages from you. If you become a contact, the links in text messages from an iPhone can become tappable.
  • If sending a link with other text, send the text and the link as separate messages to make it easy for the customer to copy & paste.
  • If your CRM has the ability to send text messages from that platform, use that instead of your own cell phone number
We've found that Apple can be more aggressive than others against spam and junk message. For example, if you use an iPhone (either with iMessage on or off) or an iPad (via iMessage) to send a web link, the recipient won't be able to click on the link until they've saved you as a contact. If they don't save you as a contact, the recipient will need to copy the link from the message and paste it into their web browser in order to open the link.