Intro to Advanced Analytics

Power up your Analytics with Pivot Tables


Advanced Analytics is currently available for our Ingage Suite customers with 5 or more user licenses. If you are interested in adding this feature to your account, please contact your Ingage sales representative. 



Ingage Analytics now includes advanced functionality to get even more meaningful insight on how your team is using Ingage. Powered by pivot table, you can customize the data view further to easily access trends and averages across different areas of your presentations. 

How to access Advanced Analytics

1. For users with access to Analytics (Company Admin, Analysts) - log into or click on Manage within Ingage Desktop.

2. Click on Analytics on the left side.

3. Click on Advanced in the top middle.

Heat Map example

Here's a quick example of using the Table Heatmap view to see how much time users spend on each page of a Presentation.

1. Select a date range in the top right.

2. Select Page Duration at the top left.

3. Select Table Heatmap in the top left corner of the table.

4. Add User and Presentation to the Y-axis.

5. Optional: Select a specific Presentation in the Presentation drop-down.

6. Add Page to the X-axis.

In this view, you can see how much time your rep spends on each page within the Presentation.