Installation and Updating

How to Install the Ingage Presentations for Desktop on Your Mac

Quickly install Ingage on your desktop to begin creating content

September 13, 2019 

1. To install Ingage Presentations for Desktop version on your Mac, goto the following link:

2. Scroll down until you see "Ingage Presentations (Desktop). Select "Download for macOS"

3. Select where you would like to download the Desktop version. Then select "Save". Desktop version will download as a zip file.

4. Once you locate presentations zip file and double-click it to unzip. Ingage dmg file is displayed. Double-click on .dmg file.

5. Drag the "ingage-desktop" file into your "Applications" folder.

6. Within "Applications" folder, locate and double-click on the "ingage-desktop" app to launch it.

7. You will be prompted with a message. Click "Open".

Note: This means that downloads are checked for safety (known malware) when you try to open them.