Guest Users

Guest Admins: Adding other Guests

Guest Administrators can manage users of an individual team by adding other Guests Admins or Guest Viewers

About Guest Users

A Guest Admin can add/remove users to any Team that they're  a Guest Admin for. They can also view Presentations in that team.

A Guest Viewer can view Presentations for any Team that they've been added to.

How to Add other Guest Users:

1. Guest Admin logs into Ingage Teams.

2. They will have access to the Teams that they are a Guest Admin of. Click into the Guest Team.

3. Guest Admin can add users - either as other Guest Admins or Guest Viewers. Click on Manage Members. 

4. Click on Add New User.

5. Type in their email address, then click Add User.

6. Add their First name, Last name, and Select their Role in the team.

7. Then Click Add User. 

8. The New User should be displayed in the list. You can click cancel to exit.


Additionally, you can add multiple users at the same time using a CSV file.

1. Click on Batch Actions.

2. Click on Import from CSV. Add the CSV file. Select the Role for all users in the CSV file. Then click on Import.