Presentations Themes

Using Themes to Add Your Branding to Presentations

Preset Your Branding to Your Presentations

What are Themes?

Themes are an easy way for Ingage Suite users to make a Presentation using their branding. With Themes, you can pre-set your brand's colors and fonts for every new page you create. Ingage Desktop 2.2.0 and Ingage iPad 4.9.0 or higher is required to use this feature.

Creating Themes

Creating (and editing) Themes is available on Ingage Desktop for Admins and Creators.

Within your Company, you will see  "Themes" on the left hand column.

Clicking on "Themes" will open the Theme Library. A default Theme is available to select.

Use the "+" button to create a new Theme.  This will take you to the Theme Editor.

Editing Themes

To edit an existing Theme select "Edit" from the menu below the Theme you wish to edit. 

From the Theme Editor you will be able to edit the default styles for text, backgrounds, buttons/pop-ups and the navigation bar.

Freestyle Page Text Styles - set the defaults when creating new text objects in a Freestyle Page for Title, Heading, Body, and caption text. You'll be able to set the Font, Size, Style, and Color.

Template Page Text Styles - set the defaults for our template pages (Deck, Grid, Gallery, Compare, Scrollmotion). You'll be able to set the Font, Size, Style, and Color. 

Title and Header are used on Deck and Grid Pages.

Heading and Body are used on Deck, Grid, Gallery, Compare, and Scrollmotion Pages. 

Impact Page Text Styles - set the defaults for our Impact Page template for Title and Body text. You'll be able to set the Font, Size, Style, and Color.

Page & Buttons - set the default page background color for new Pages and set the default button styles and colors for buttons added to your Presentation.

Pop-Ups - set the default background color for your button pop-ups, as well as the fonts and colors for the Title and Body.

Nav Bar - set the default colors of your navigation bar

Give your theme a name and description.

Back out of the Theme to Save your changes.

Applying Themes

Creating a New Presentation

When you create a New Presentation, you'll be asked to choose which Theme to use for that Presentation. (Themes will not appear if a presentation is created in My Presentations.)

Updating an existing Presentation

In an existing Presentation, the Story Board now has a Theme option on the right side. 

Note: changing the theme will update the entire Presentation to the new default values from that theme.