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Differences between fonts on Desktop and iPad

A note about company-added fonts

When adding a font to your company, please note that if you add a font that is a built-in font on iPad, you may see different results between the Desktop version of Ingage and the iPad version of Ingage. Currently, the iPad version of Ingage will default to the built-in version of that font.

We recommend always testing on both platforms. 

Here is a list of the fonts built-in to the iPad:

Al Nile
Al Nile Bold
American Typewriter
American Typewriter Bold
American Typewriter Condensed
American Typewriter Condensed Bold
American Typewriter Condensed Light
American Typewriter Light
American Typewriter Semibold
Apple Color Emoji
Apple SD Gothic Neo Bold
Apple SD Gothic Neo Light
Apple SD Gothic Neo Medium
Apple SD Gothic Neo Regular
Apple SD Gothic Neo SemiBold
Apple SD Gothic Neo Thin
Apple SD Gothic Neo UltraLight
Apple Symbols
Arial Bold
Arial Bold Italic
Arial Hebrew
Arial Hebrew Bold
Arial Hebrew Light
Arial Italic
Arial Rounded MT Bold
Avenir Black
Avenir Black Oblique
Avenir Book
Avenir Book Oblique
Avenir Heavy
Avenir Heavy Oblique
Avenir Light
Avenir Light Oblique
Avenir Medium
Avenir Medium Oblique
Avenir Next Bold
Avenir Next Bold Italic
Avenir Next Condensed Bold
Avenir Next Condensed Bold Italic
Avenir Next Condensed Demi Bold
Avenir Next Condensed Demi Bold Italic
Avenir Next Condensed Heavy
Avenir Next Condensed Heavy Italic
Avenir Next Condensed Italic
Avenir Next Condensed Medium
Avenir Next Condensed Medium Italic
Avenir Next Condensed Regular
Avenir Next Condensed Ultra Light
Avenir Next Condensed Ultra Light Italic
Avenir Next Demi Bold
Avenir Next Demi Bold Italic
Avenir Next Heavy
Avenir Next Heavy Italic
Avenir Next Italic
Avenir Next Medium
Avenir Next Medium Italic
Avenir Next Regular
Avenir Next Ultra Light
Avenir Next Ultra Light Italic
Avenir Oblique
Avenir Roman
Baskerville Bold
Baskerville Bold Italic
Baskerville Italic
Baskerville SemiBold
Baskerville SemiBold Italic
Bodoni 72 Bold
Bodoni 72 Book
Bodoni 72 Book Italic
Bodoni 72 Oldstyle Bold
Bodoni 72 Oldstyle Book
Bodoni 72 Oldstyle Book Italic
Bodoni 72 Smallcaps Book
Bodoni Ornaments
Bradley Hand Bold
Chalkboard SE Bold
Chalkboard SE Light
Chalkboard SE Regular
Charter Black
Charter Black Italic
Charter Bold
Charter Bold Italic
Charter Italic
Charter Roman
Cochin Bold
Cochin Bold Italic
Cochin Italic
Copperplate Bold
Copperplate Light
Courier Bold
Courier Bold Oblique
Courier New
Courier New Bold
Courier New Bold Italic
Courier New Italic
Courier Oblique
DIN Alternate Bold
DIN Condensed Bold
Damascus Bold
Damascus Light
Damascus Medium
Damascus Regular
Damascus Semi Bold
Devanagari Sangam MN
Devanagari Sangam MN Bold
Didot Bold
Didot Italic
Euphemia UCAS
Euphemia UCAS Bold
Euphemia UCAS Italic
Farah Regular
Futura Bold
Futura Condensed ExtraBold
Futura Condensed Medium
Futura Medium
Futura Medium Italic
Galvji Bold
Geeza Pro Bold
Geeza Pro Regular
Georgia Bold
Georgia Bold Italic
Georgia Italic
Gill Sans
Gill Sans Bold
Gill Sans Bold Italic
Gill Sans Italic
Gill Sans Light
Gill Sans Light Italic
Gill Sans SemiBold
Gill Sans SemiBold Italic
Gill Sans UltraBold
Helvetica Bold
Helvetica Bold Oblique
Helvetica Light
Helvetica Light Oblique
Helvetica Neue
Helvetica Neue Bold
Helvetica Neue Bold Italic
Helvetica Neue Condensed Black
Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold
Helvetica Neue Italic
Helvetica Neue Light
Helvetica Neue Light Italic
Helvetica Neue Medium
Helvetica Neue Medium Italic
Helvetica Neue Thin
Helvetica Neue Thin Italic
Helvetica Neue UltraLight
Helvetica Neue UltraLight Italic
Helvetica Oblique
Hiragino Maru Gothic ProN W4
Hiragino Mincho ProN W3
Hiragino Mincho ProN W6
Hiragino Sans W3
Hiragino Sans W6
Hiragino Sans W7
Hoefler Text
Hoefler Text Black
Hoefler Text Black Italic
Hoefler Text Italic
Kailasa Bold
Kailasa Regular
Kannada Sangam MN
Kannada Sangam MN Bold
Kefa Regular
Khmer Sangam MN
Kohinoor Bangla
Kohinoor Bangla Light
Kohinoor Bangla Semibold
Kohinoor Devanagari Light
Kohinoor Devanagari Regular
Kohinoor Devanagari Semibold
Kohinoor Gujarati Bold
Kohinoor Gujarati Light
Kohinoor Gujarati Regular
Kohinoor Telugu
Kohinoor Telugu Light
Kohinoor Telugu Medium
Lao Sangam MN
Malayalam Sangam MN
Malayalam Sangam MN Bold
Marker Felt Thin
Marker Felt Wide
Menlo Bold
Menlo Bold Italic
Menlo Italic
Menlo Regular
Mishafi Regular
Myanmar Sangam MN
Myanmar Sangam MN Bold
Noteworthy Bold
Noteworthy Light
Noto Nastaliq Urdu
Noto Nastaliq Urdu Bold
Noto Sans Kannada Bold
Noto Sans Kannada Light
Noto Sans Kannada Regular
Noto Sans Myanmar Bold
Noto Sans Myanmar Light
Noto Sans Myanmar Regular
Noto Sans Oriya
Noto Sans Oriya Bold
Optima Bold
Optima Bold Italic
Optima ExtraBlack
Optima Italic
Optima Regular
Palatino Bold
Palatino Bold Italic
Palatino Italic
Papyrus Condensed
Party LET Plain
PingFang HK Light
PingFang HK Medium
PingFang HK Regular
PingFang HK Semibold
PingFang HK Thin
PingFang HK Ultralight
PingFang SC Light
PingFang SC Medium
PingFang SC Regular
PingFang SC Semibold
PingFang SC Thin
PingFang SC Ultralight
PingFang TC Light
PingFang TC Medium
PingFang TC Regular
PingFang TC Semibold
PingFang TC Thin
PingFang TC Ultralight
Rockwell Bold
Rockwell Bold Italic
Rockwell Italic
Savoye LET Plain:1.0
Sinhala Sangam MN
Sinhala Sangam MN Bold
Snell Roundhand
Snell Roundhand Black
Snell Roundhand Bold
Tamil Sangam MN
Tamil Sangam MN Bold
Thonburi Bold
Thonburi Light
Times New Roman
Times New Roman Bold
Times New Roman Bold Italic
Times New Roman Italic
Trebuchet MS
Trebuchet MS Bold
Trebuchet MS Bold Italic
Trebuchet MS Italic
Verdana Bold
Verdana Bold Italic
Verdana Italic
Zapf Dingbats
Asphalt Medium
Athelas Bold
Athelas Bold Italic
Athelas Italic
Athelas Regular
Balega Regular
Bebas Neue
Carlito Bold
Carlito Bold Italic
Carlito Italic
Dear Joe Four Small Semibold
Druk Heavy Italic
Druk Text Bold
Druk Wide Medium
Fakt Slab Stencil Pro Medium
Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro W3
Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro W6
Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN W3
Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN W6
Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro W4
Hiragino Mincho Pro W3
Hiragino Mincho Pro W6
Iowan Old Style Bold
Iowan Old Style Bold Italic
Iowan Old Style Italic
Iowan Old Style Roman
Journal Sans New Inline
Marion Bold
Marion Italic
Marion Regular
Noto Sans Armenian Bold
Noto Sans Armenian Light
Noto Sans Armenian Regular
Noto Sans Avestan Regular
Noto Sans Bamum Regular/td>
Noto Sans Batak Regular
Noto Sans Brahmi Regular
Noto Sans Buginese Regular
Noto Sans Buhid Regular
Noto Sans Carian Regular
Noto Sans Chakma Regular
Noto Sans Cham Regular
Noto Sans Coptic Regular
Noto Sans Cuneiform Regular
Noto Sans Cypriot
Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Noto Sans Glagolitic
Noto Sans Gothic Regular
Noto Sans Hanunoo Regular
Noto Sans Imperial Aramaic Regular
Noto Sans Inscriptional Pahlavi Regular
Noto Sans Inscriptional Parthian Regular
Noto Sans Kaithi Regular
Noto Sans Kayah Li Regular
Noto Sans Kharoshthi Regular
Noto Sans Lepcha Regular
Noto Sans Limbu Regular
Noto Sans Linear B Regular
Noto Sans Lisu Regular
Noto Sans Lycian Regular
Noto Sans Lydian Regular
Noto Sans Mandaic Regular
Noto Sans Meetei Mayek Regular
Noto Sans Mongolian
Noto Sans NKo Regular
Noto Sans New Tai Lue Regular
Noto Sans Ogham Regular
Noto Sans Ol Chiki Regular
Noto Sans Old Italic Regular
Noto Sans Old Persian Regular
Noto Sans Old South Arabian Regular
Noto Sans Old Turkic Regular
Noto Sans Osmanya Regular
Noto Sans Phags Pa Regular
Noto Sans Phoenician Regular
Noto Sans Rejang Regular
Noto Sans Runic Regular Regular
Noto Sans Samaritan Regular
Noto Sans Saurashtra Regular
Noto Sans Shavian Regular
Noto Sans Sundanese Regular
Noto Sans Syloti Nagri Regular
Noto Sans Syriac Eastern Regular
Noto Sans Tagalog Regular
Noto Sans Tagbanwa Regular
Noto Sans Tai Le Regular
Noto Sans Tai Tham
Noto Sans Tai Viet Regular
Noto Sans Thaana Regular
Noto Sans Tifinagh Regular
Noto Sans Ugaritic Regular
Noto Sans Vai Regular
Noto Sans Yi Regular
Noto Sans Zawgyi Bold
Noto Sans Zawgyi Light
Noto Sans Zawgyi Regular
Noto Serif Balinese Regular
Seravek Bold
Seravek Bold Italic
Seravek ExtraLight
Seravek ExtraLight Italic
Seravek Italic
Seravek Light
Seravek Light Italic
Seravek Medium
Seravek Medium Italic
SignPainter-HouseScript Semibold
Superclarendon Black
Superclarendon Black Italic
Superclarendon Bold
Superclarendon Bold Italic
Superclarendon Italic
Superclarendon Light
Superclarendon Light Italic
Superclarendon Regular
The Hand Serif Semibold