How to Log in to Ingage Presentations
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Convert your account from Social Authentication to Email Authentication

Use an email and password instead of Google or Facebook

We've removed the ability to login to Ingage on iPad with a Google or Facebook login. 

Note: You need to know the email addresses associated with your Google or Facebook account.

1. If your account is currently logged into the Ingage Mac, Windows, or iPad app, log out. Mac: Ingage > Logout. Windows: File > Logout. iPad > Tap your name to go to Settings, swipe down, tap on Logout.

2. At the login screen, choose Forgot Password.

3. Enter and submit the email address associated with the Google or Facebook account you previously used for social authentication

4. Check your email for an email from with a Temporary Password.

5. Return to the Ingage app and enter the Temporary Password, then set a new password.

For future logins, use your email address and your new password to log into Ingage.