Desktop Release Notes

11-24-2020 Desktop v2.1.0

Ingage Desktop v2.1.0


  • Added the ability to drag and drop an image or video onto a Freestyle page
  • For Freestyle page components, added the ability to hold Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) to expand the object from center
  • For Freestyle pages, added the ability to enter a HEX code to add a color
  • Added italic support for various fonts
  • Added support for the ITC Bodoni 72 font


  • For Teams users, fixed an issue preventing offline analytics from being uploaded to Ingage Cloud
  • Improved sync handling
  • Improved font handling across Ingage for Desktop and Ingage for iPad
  • When duplicating or pasting a page, we now clear the Page Name field to avoid duplicate analytics
  • For Hotspots, fixed an issue where users were unable to re-size them smaller than 92x92 (44x44 is the minimum size)
  • For the Freestyle page, fixed an issue where the ReadMe button did not appear correctly on a Gallery or Compare component
  • Fixed an issue where pausing an Audio button would restart from the beginning