Desktop Release Notes

10-06-2020 Desktop v2.0.1

Ingage Desktop v2.0.1


  • Improvements to syncing
  • Improvements for thumbnail loading
  • Improvements to text handling in Impact pages
  • Users can now drag and drop a ZIP file into the HTML page
  • Added the ability to Delete a button from the Edit menu
  • Enabled Undo and Redo options from the Edit menu
  • For Teams users, an offline prompt is now displayed when attempting to share Teams content while offline
  • For Freestyle pages, improvements to handling of rich text
  • For Freestyle pages, improvements to the playback of videos used in Media buttons
  • For Freestyle pages, improvements to line spacing with the Oswald font
  • For Freestyle pages, added the ability to toggle the display of buttons on/off while in edit mode
  • For Freestyle pages, added the ability to toggle smart guides on/off


  • Fixed an issue where imported images weren't being imported in the correct aspect setting in certain cases
  • For Freestyle pages, when duplicating a pinned object, the duplicate is no longer automatically pinned
  • For Freestyle pages, inspector is cleared if an object is removed via Undo
  • For Freestyle pages, pasting in text no longer duplicates the text after the paste
  • For Freestyle pages, fixed an issue where line spacing would appear to have changed while editing rich text
  • For Freestyle pages, font text properties now reset when users change the font style
  • Adjustments to the Read Me button text box
  • Improvements to the Play button positioning on Video pages
  • Size for bullets now properly re-size when font style or size is changed
  • All Pages button (if enabled) now displays properly when viewing a Presentation that was converted from our old format to our new/current format
  • We now prevent Editors from copying/duplicating locked pages
  • Button options are no longer incorrectly displayed after removing a button by using Undo from the Edit menu
  • Hotspot buttons no longer move in some cases after clicking on Edit button