Desktop Release Notes

09-20-2020 Desktop v2.0.0

Ingage Desktop v2.0.0

Create or Edit Freestyle Page
  • Design your own page layouts.
    • Use text, images, videos, shapes, galleries and interactive objects like Buttons,
    • Hotspots, Compares, and Scrollmotions to create pages with custom layered designs.
  • Freestyle Page - Rich Text Editing
    • Font, size, weight, and color
    • Vertical alignment
    • Character, line, and paragraph spacing
    • Lists (bullet and number)
    • Superscript, subscript, underlined, strikethrough
  • Freestyle Page - Backgrounds
    • Colored background
    • Gradient background
    • Image background
  • Freestyle Page- Shapes
    • Rectangles
    • Circles
    • Ovals
  • Freestyle Page - Object Ordering
    • Use Arrange to set the z-index of your object and quickly move objects to the
    • front or back
    • Pinned objects can be edited but cannot be moved
Other New
  • Improved sync engine
  • Other bug fixes