Desktop Release Notes

08-30-2021 Desktop v2.7.0

Ingage Desktop v2.7.0

🎉 NEW 🎉

  • Adds a new Launch App button
  • Adds the ability to multi-select Freestyle components
  • Adds the ability to quickly switch to the previous or next page while still in Edit mode
  • Adds the ability to Copy Deep Link for a Presentation in the Story Library
  • Enhances Image and Video Cropping
  • Enhances the Get Info information for Presentations in the Story Library
  • Improvements to handling assets when they are used across multiple Presentations
  • Updates Electron Runtime


  • Fixes issues if a custom font is inadvertently removed
  • Fixes issues when pasting images to a Gallery
  • Stability improvements to Image Carousels
  • Performance and stability improvements