iOS Release Notes

06-23-2020 iOS v4.5.0

Ingage Presentations iOS 4.5.0


  • Improvements to the Presentation layout across different sized iPads
  • Improvements to the Password Reset screen
  • For Teams users, added an alert for deleting a locked Presentation
  • For Freestyle pages, added the ability to swipe pages when a Scrollmotion component is used in the entire page canvas


  • Improvements to the scaling of Buttons across different sized iPads
  • For Freestyle pages, improved stability when adding a Gallery component
  • Improvements to the UI when deleting a Presentation
  • Improvements to the UI when editing an existing image
  • Improvements to the UI when downloading Presentations
  • Improvements to the UI when selecting multiple images
  • Stability improvements when creating a new Presentation by importing a set of images