Desktop Release Notes

06-18-2020 Desktop v1.15.0

Ingage Desktop v1.15.0


  • Improvements to the UI for the Reset Password screen
  • Added the ability Paste a page onto the Storyboard via a contextual menu 
  • Better handling of thumbnails when Presentations created from Image Import or PPTx Import are duplicated

  • Added the ability to paste a Page into another Presentation using keyboard shortcuts

  • Improvements to the UI of the play button on a Video Page to better match our iPad app

  • Improvements to handling of video for the last layout of the Media pop-up

  • Improvements to sync and the availability of contextual menus

  • Addressed an issue when adding custom colors while the color code field is blank

  • For Teams users, improvements when copying a Presentation from "My Presentations" into a Team