Desktop Release Notes

06-16-2021 Desktop v2.5.0

Ingage Desktop v2.5.0

 🎉 NEW 🎉

  • Adds the ability to Cut, Copy, and Paste components and media in the Presentation Editor
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste works between multiple presentations, and can even handle images on the clipboard from outside sources
  • Dragging & dropping image or video files onto existing media components of the same type will now quickly replace the existing media with the new file's media


  • Improvements to the guides system in the Freestyle Editor
  • Opening deep links to non-downloaded presentations will auto-download those presentations and then go to present mode
  • Improvements to mute options for videos on non-Freestyle pages and in media button popups
  • Stability and performance improvements when navigating between screens, downloading, and saving