iOS Release Notes

05-04-2020 iOS v4.3.0

Ingage Presentations iOS v4.3.0

  • Enhancements to the loading of images
  • Enhancements to PPTX importing in the Storyboard
  • For Freestyle Pages, fixed an issue where the control for Scrollmotion would get cut-off
  • For paid users, fixed an issue with the Publish Changes to Web option
  • For paid users, fixed an issue with recurring in-app purchase renewals
  • Fixed an issue in Gallery Pages where the Add Images button may get cut off after adding an image via drag and drop
  • Fixed an issue with modals getting cut-off when switching from Portrait back to Landscape mode
  • Fixed an issue where a preview of a Logo wouldn't appear correctly in the Logo Preview
  • Fixed text alignment issues for the Read Me button modal
  • Fixed layout issues for users on iOS 12
  • Fixed an issue with viewing Presentations on an iPhone