Desktop Release Notes

05-03-2022 Desktop v2.14.0

Ingage Desktop v2.14.0

🎉 NEW 🎉

  • Server enhancements just in case an outage occurs
  • Allows common inspector options to be modified when mixed components are selected
  • Makes it easier to select the object that is behind when objects overlap
  • Shadows are now available when cropping an image or video
  • New Toolbar buttons in the Menu Bar (can be enabled/disabled)
  • Adds Tool Tips to the alignment controls
  • Adds a keyboard shortcut in edit more to preview mode (Mac: CMD+OPT+P, Win: CRTL+ALT+P)
  • Adds the ability to select multiple pages in the Add Page menu
  • Adds the ability to search for Teams
  • Enhancements to crop and scaling
  • Enhancements to analytics


  • Pinned objects no longer move when align commands are used
  • Better handling if the user's drive space is full