Desktop Release Notes

04-30-2020 Desktop v1.11.0

Ingage Desktop v1.11.0

  • Enhancements to the controls for the Image Carousel when in Fullscreen mode
  • Enhancements to the Image Carousel Button UI for when a carousel has more than 10 images
  • Enhancements to the button background blur to better match our iPad client
  • Enhancements to the borders between images in the Gallery Page
  • Enhancements to the thumbnails used to represent our Page layouts
  • Enhancements to add contextual menus when editing buttons
  • Enhancements to Media button display
  • Enhancements to handling of large images
  • For Teams users, enhancements to the Content permissions for the Editor/Creator role
  • Added transitions for opening and closing Media, Web, Map, and Carousel buttons
  • Added the ability to Hide sections from the right-click context menu
  • Added Tool Tips
  • Users can now remove the file/site on an HTML page with a right-click, Remove option
    Improvements to PPTX handling
  • Fixed an issue where if an error occurred while importing a PPT, no error message was displayed
  • Fixed an issue where the text selection box disappears when changing the text style
  • Fixes an issue where thumbnails may not generate correctly when duplicating Pages
  • Fixed an issue with labels for buttons being cut-off for buttons placed near the edges
  • Fixed an issue where image orientation was incorrect for the Image Carousel button
  • Fixed a consistency issue for text labels for Inline Text buttons between Desktop and iOS
  • Fixed issues with button positioning
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to navigate between pages after switching to different section when a button was opened
  • Fixed an issue where Dark style wasn't working correctly on Deck and Grid pages
  • Fixed an issue where re-arranging pages in the Storyboard wasn't working correctly
  • Fixed an issue with syncing content
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails may get cut-off on the Choose Page screen
  • Fixed an issue where the title text on a Image Carousel button may get cut off
  • Fixed an issue with a layout for the Media button where the text field width may be too short
  • Fixed an issue with alignment on Video Page layouts
  • Fixed in an issue where button selection highlights were appearing incorrectly in Preview/Present Mode
  • Fixed an issue with long text labels in Inline Text buttons
  • Fixed an issue where users were able to navigate to a hidden page while in Present Mode
  • Fixed an issue with sizing for the Scrollmotion control
  • Fixed an issue where buttons would jump to another location when moving buttons around