iOS Release Notes

04-15-2021 iOS v5.0.0

Ingage iOS v5.0.0


  • An incredible amount of performance enhancements
  • For Ingage Suite customers, adds support for Custom (Customer-Uploaded) Fonts uploaded via Ingage Desktop
  • Improves performance when loading the Story Library
  • Improvements for network handling
  • Improvements to Free Image search
  • Updates to the Theme picker
  • Enhancements when duplicating a Presentation
  • Adds support for a callback URL for Deep Links
  • Adds additional keyboard shortcuts to add Freestyle components
  • Adds the ability to Annotate pages in a Presentations when enabled in Settings Note: Annotations not supported on iOS 12
  • Removes the Go To Page animations to ensure hidden content remains hidden
  • Fixes a display issue when using the sixth layout of a Gallery Page
  • Fixes an issue where Presentations with special characters in the title could not be properly exported to a PDF
  • For Freestyle pages, fixes an issue on some components where the background type was not set correctly
  • For Teams users, performance improvements when switching between Teams
  • For Teams users, updates to the look and feel of the Team picker