Desktop Release Notes

04-15-2021 Desktop v2.4.0

Ingage Desktop v2.4.0

🎉 NEW 🎉
  • Even more performance and stability improvements
  • For select Ingage Suite plans, we've added support for company-uploaded fonts. See ou Knowledge Base for more information (
  • Adds support for editing the Email POI/Text/Hotspot button
  • Adds the ability to drag Sections in the Storyboard to an area that wasn't currently visible
  • Adds support for a Callback URL as part of a deep link
  • Adds a keyboard shortcut to collapse/expand the list of Teams (Mac: Option+Click, Windows: Alt-Click)


  • For Freestyle page image components, fixes an issue where lines may be visible when an image uses a mask
  • For Freestyle Gallery components, changes the default background to Clear just in case a transparent PNG is used
  • Adjustments to the web button browser view
  • Improvements to installation on Windows 10
  • Improvements to the display when presenting a Presentation on Windows when not using full-screen mode
  • Improves handling of data when a user is removed from a Team
  • User gets the correct prompt when attempting to Manage their company while offline