iOS Release Notes

04-14-2020 iOS v4.2.0

Ingage Presentations iOS v.4.2.0


  • Enhancements to network syncing
  • Enhancements to make importing PPTx or Keynote files into existing Presentations easier in the Storyboard view.
  • Enhancements to the UI for Image Carousel buttons in cases where many images are used
  • Performance improvements when loading the thumbnails for the various layouts
  • Performance enhancements for older devices
  • For Paid customers, added the ability to share a Presentation link while in Present Mode
  • For Teams users, when sharing is enabled by an Admin, Creators and Editors are now able to publish updates to Presentations


  • For Freestyle Pages, fixed an issue where videos may clip to the bounds of a page within a section
  • For Freestyle Pages, fixed an issue when adding multiple images via drag and drop to a Gallery component
  • Fixed an issue in split-screen mode when changing the layout of a Deck page
  • Fixed an issue with text getting cut-off when changing layouts of the Media button
  • Fixed issues with thumbnail generation when importing PPTX files
  • Fixed issues with panning and cropping images