Desktop Release Notes

02-25-2021 Desktop v2.3.0

Ingage Desktop v2.3.0

 🎉 NEW 🎉

  • For Company Admins, Guest Admins, and Analysts, you can now access the Ingage Teams console within the app!
  • To help our Ingage Suite users that are on multiple companies, we've added the ability to collapse/expand the list of Teams per Company
  • We've disabled the Presentation button when you're in the Storyboard if there are no visible pages to display
  • Added the ability to lock a Freestyle page when editing the page
  • Added the ability to swap the media in a Compare
  • Added support for a soft line-break via shift-return
  • Added an alert if a ZIP file for an HTML page does not contain an expected index.html file
  • A new icon when loading Presentations!
  • Performance improvements when duplicating a Presentation


  • Improvements to loading when going from editing a page back to the Storyboard view
  • Improvements to the installation process on macOS
  • Improvements to the installation process on Windows 10
  • Improvements to the available colors when switching between different Themes
  • Improvements to how Scrollmotions work
  • Improvements to URL handling for the HTML page
  • Improvements to handling ZIP files for the HTML page
  • Improved the color options for Themes